Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Zine Resources!

A couple of really awesome zine resources have popped up lately that I am really excited about. I am definitely feeling that a new era of zines is on the rise and I simply cannot wait to be a part of it.

The site that is making so incredibly gleeful is We Make Zines. We Make Zines is a social networking site dedicated to zines and zinesters only. This way our contact with each other is not polluted with all the other contacts and drama that is hard to filter out on places like My Space or Facebook.

The other site that has a lot of potential is Zine Classifieds. This site encourages people to post classified ads on their zines, distros, zine events, submission calls, etc.

I really hope that these new resources take off and bring the zine scene to a new level.

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ZINECORE RADIO is a new zine resource too! hehe xoxox ;)

you should come on the show and talk about how the fest went! XOXO