Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Click Clack is moving right along!

So.. I am sick today. No no, not playing hooky. I have some sort of weird neausea/inner ear thing that is making me super dizzy when I stand up. It's not good.

Because of that I am staying home and trying not to move around too much. This means, I definitely have more time to work on the website! Typing zine descriptions is WAY more stressful that I ever imagined it to be. I know it'll be easier in the long run since I will not have so many to do at once.

In other news... I finished my own zine, Introvert #6 this weekend! Another reason I am trying to work so quickly in getting the website launched, since it will be much easier just to sell it from there.

Right now, a little preview of the site is up for view, http://clickclackdistro.com

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